The 3 Mistakes Coaches And Consultants Make That Cost You At Least $20k Per Month

And How To Solve Them
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LIVE 12:00 PM EST, June 30th, 2021
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Create a Client-Getting Game Plan And Add  At Least $20k Per Month To Your Business

  • Use The Power Of One To Simplify Your Business To Grow FASTER.
  • A Step-By-Step To Give You Clarity & Focus And The Confidence To Implement Fast.
  • ​Build A Plan To Have Predictable and Measurable Results.

Attacking VS. Attracting

  • Stop Chasing People That Don't Want To Be Chased.
  • Build a Full Pipeline Of Clients That WANT And Need Your Service!
  • ​Simplify Your Offer and Your Process.
  • ​Have The Choice Of Too Many Leads!

Repeatable Sales Process

  • Build Predictable And Repeatable Sales So You Can Get Off The Revenue Rollercoaster.
  • Create Systems To Remove Yourself From Sales.
  • ​Enroll More Clients And Have More Impact In The World.

Getting Clients Has Never Been Easier...

Step 1: Client Getting Game Plan

Get Clarity And Certainty To Execute With Confidence So You Can Enrol More Clients And Have Bigger Impact In The World!

Step 2: Attract Hot Leads

Stand Out From The Crowd, Become An Authority So You Can Stop Chasing People That Don't Want To Be Chased!

Step 3: Repeatable Sales Process

Build Systems, Enjoy The Lifestyle And Freedom It Brings. Grow Your Business Without Everything Relying On YOU!

  • The Rainmaker Game Plan
  • Exclusive Training Workbook 
  • Special Bonuses At The End (You Want To Stay For This!)
  • ​Front Row Seating! - From Your Own House!
  • ​No Plane Ticket or Driving! - Skip The Traffic
  • ​No Hotel Bookings! - Stay Safe
  • + Much, Much More...

You'll Also Discover How To Do All These Amazing Things

Focus On Your Ideal Client

Use the power of one to simplify your growth.

Pick-up Line

So your clients know how to work with you before they talk to you!


How to stand out from the crowd and be the ONLY choice for your clients.

Signature Offer

Simplify your offer to turn connections into clients FAST!

Direct Outreach

Find and connect with the EXACT clients you're looking for in under 10 minutes.

Attract Strategy

Stop attacking, start attracting your ideal clients to you.

Simple Conversion System

Build a repeatable system to be able to qualify leads and only talk to ready to buy clients - then hand it off!

Educate & Follow Up

Double your hot leads without doubling the effort you put in & close sales easier and faster.

Consistency & Focus

Set your team & systems up so you don't have to do the stuff you hate.

$4,000 - $240,000

When Sri started to work with me, he was earning only $4,000 a month from his consulting business. In the last 3 months, he's collected over $240,000 and has a full sales pipeline.

$2,000 - $25,000

Zivile was stuck at $2,000 a month (some months $0) when she joined our program, and now is bringing in over $25,000 a month.

$3,000 - $25,000

Megan had similar figures: frustrated at $3,000 a month, but rapidly scaled up to $25,000 a month and beyond, after she started working with us.

It's Time To Become a RAINMAKER!!!

The Rainmaker System, led by Matt Clark & Wesley Longueira, is a community and a set of tools and resources for the world’s fast growing coaches. If you’re looking to break six figures and then scale to the magic seven-figure mark, then The Rainmaker System is designed specifically for you.

Here's What You Get When You Reserve Your Ticket Today:

  • ​The Rainmaker Game Plan
  • ​Workbook
  • ​Special Bonuses At The End (You Want To Stay For This!)
  • ​Front Row Seating! - From Your Own House!
  • ​No Plane Ticket or Driving! - Skip The Traffic
  • ​No Hotel Bookings! - Stay Safe
  • ​+ Much More...

Total Value: $2997

Normal Price: $197


All Your Questions Answered

 Who Is This For?
You must be earning – or on track to earn – at least $80,000 in your coaching or consulting business this year in order to attend.
 Where Will It Be Hosted?
The event will take place virtually on zoom! 
 How Do You Know If This Will Work For You?
If your goal is to get more face to face or online meetings with your ideal clients, then this is for you.
If you want to be able to increase your price, work with less clients and enjoy the lifestyle that comes with it, this is for you.
If you are really good at what you do and have proven results and really care about helping your clients get results but you're struggling to get in front of the right people, you definitely need to attend.
 Will This Work Internationally?
Yes, we have clients in 26 countries, both in eastern and western culture, it has been tried and tested and it works.
If you are looking to grow your business internationally, we can show you how to do it with a proven model.
 Will This Help Me Grow My Coaching/Consulting Business?
We specialise in working with coaches and consultants and have helped ver 1500 in 26 countries. We have designed this system to work in any country and for coaches and consultants specifically!
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